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March 19, 2017Ride to eat breakfast at the Willowbrook Restaurant in Mendon Ma
April 22, 2017Ride to eat breakfast at Gould's Maple Sugarhouse, Shelburne Falls, MA MORE INFO
April 28, 2017Frosty Nutz Campout, Wilgus State Park Vermont INFO AND REGISTER HERE
June 9-11, 2017Pemi River Rally, Thornton NH
August 3-6, 2017Damn Yankees Rally and Moto Gymkhana at the Heath Fairgrounds
2017 Winter Bash   Thank you to everyone who made the 33rd annual YB Winter Bash a stunning success!
Thank you so much to all the vendors, volunteers, and YB's who came and supported the club
Rich Roy : Volunteer of the Year
Bill Cusack: Party Planner Extraordinaire
Paul and Elise Provost: Best Dressed YB's
Kurt Schmucki: Steve Gooding Award Recipient
Special Thanks to
BMW Motorcycles Of Cambridge
Dunbar Eurosports, Brockton Ma
Franks BMW of Essex VT
MAX BMW Motorcycles, NH,NY,CT
Razees Motorcycles, RI
Wagners BMW, Triumph KTM, Indian, Ducati, Worcester Ma
Jay and Toby for bringing the bikes to the party!
White Horse Press
Willowbrook Restaurant, Mendon Ma
Warren Inn and Conference Center, Ashland Ma
Vanson Leather, Fall River Ma
Twisted Throttle, RI
Monthly RTE We Ride to Eat Monthly. We are MOA Chartered Club #153, RA #71. We are an independant club for BMW riders, campers, musicians, track junkies, off rodents, restorers,adventurers, collectors, eccentrics and other folks with good moto culture. We ride far, fast, and frequently. Our common interests include BMW motorcycles, travel, camping and outdoor fun. Its not what your ride, its that you ride. All riders are welcome to join us. We are an aquired taste. Come to one of our events, join us at the campfire. We hold events throughout New England, New York, and the Mid Atlantic states. Our mission is to promote motorcycle safety and positive aspects of the sport. Our Monthly ride to eat breakfasts are often but not always the 3rd Sunday of the month at the Willowbrook Restaurant at 16 Hastings St. (Rt. 16) Mendon.
Please check the YB Forum for updates, cancellations, and other current events.

See the YB Forum and events page for more info.
If you are interested in leading a ride, ride-to-eat, a campout, or other events, let us know and we'll put it on the calendar. There is still plenty of good riding left in !
Please contact president@yankeebeemers.org with any questions or concerns.
Sometimes locations, rallies, rides and events change, get cancelled, added, or rained out. Please check the forum and talk to a human before you ride 1000 miles to an event, ok?
The events page is updated with current times, dates, paypal links and rally chair contacts.

The Boxer Shorts
In addition to our web site, discussion forum and breakfast meetings, we have a great newsletter. Please submit your articles and photos to Dwight Nevins by the 28th of the month. We want to hear from you!. Click here to read the Boxer Shorts online!