Brew Ha Ha

Welcome to the Yankee Beemers 2021 Photo Challenge!
The Brew Ha, Ha Contest, (a take on Broo Hah Hah – To describe an uproar or Hubbub seemed to fit us well) is not about speed or distance and requires no special skill other than a motorcycle, an appreciation for good beer, and taking pictures. Note: beer is not to be consumed while on the ride but can be purchased to take home to be consumed then. Participants earn points for pictures of any and all brewers located anywhere in North America.
The contest begins on April 1st 2021 and ends on October 31st 2021.
The winner will be announced at the December Yankee Beemer Meeting.
You do not have to be present to win. There will be a 1st and 2nd place cash prize for the most photos taken.
Prize amount will be determined by how many people sign up.
All who sign up must be a Yankee Beemer Member in good standing.
There is a minimum of 10 people needed to sigh up to make this contest viable. If not met you will receive a refund.

Rules: each rider is assigned a flag with a number or nickname for Identification. Riders earn 1 point for submitting 1 photograph representing a brewer visited. Each photograph must CLEARLY contain ALL three of the following. 1.) The Riders Flag. 2.) their motorcycle and 3.) the brewers name. If taking this photo is inaccessible with the motorcycle due to safety concerns then have someone take a photo of you holding your flag and helmet with the brewer sign in the photo. You can also take a photo inside the establishment as long as all the rules are met.

Log: Photos need to clearly identify the brewer pictured. The state and the date the photo is taken is required for each photo. You can use the image file name or a separate log to match each photo to the brewer, state, and date.

Media: Photos must be digital. Submit you pictures on a USB flash drive. SD memory card, CD/DVD or an e-mail attachment to me. All media will be returned.

Note: Brew, Brewer, Brewery or Beer MUST appear in the name of the establishment.
Example: Coddington Cove Brewery, Smuttynose Brewery, the beer store as long as beer is brewed at the establishment. Etc.

Enter: You can pick up your packed at the March monthly meeting hopefully depending on the Covid-19 situation. If that is not an option I can email you your flag information and you print it up. If that’s not an option I can either meet up with you or snail mail it to you. Entry fee is $20.00 and all proceeds go to the people that have entered only. Payment can via US Mail, in person if we have March Meeting or on line using Pay Pal. Good luck and good hunting to all that enter the contest.

Pay by Paypal or
Please mail payments to: Yankee Beemers P.O Box 2151 Fitchburg, MA 01420. Note on payment that this $20.00 if for the YB Brew Ha Ha Contest.


Or mail a check to Jim Sanders