Diner Challenge

This Ride to Eat Contest isnít about speed or distance and requires no special skills other than a motorcycle, a healthy appetite, and taking pictures. Participants earn points for pictures of any and all diners, located anywhere in the US.

American Diner Restaurants USA.com is a great resource.

The Rally begins April 1st, , 2020 ends on December 31. The winner will be announced at the Yankee Beemer Winter Bash, February 2021. You do not have to be present to win. The will be 1st and 2nd place prizes. All Participants need to by signed in by March 1st so we can get the flags made and get them to all YB members who are participating.

Rules: each rider is assigned a number and issued a flag for Identification

Riders earn 1 point for submitting 1 photograph, representing a diner visited. Each photograph must CLEARLY contain ALL three of the following:
1. The riders flag
2. their motorcycle
3. the diners name. If taking this photo is inaccessible with motorcycle due to safety concerns then have someone take a photo of you holding your flag and helmet with the diner sign in the picture.
Log: Photos must be clearly identify the diner pictured. The state and the date the photo is taken are required for each photo.
You can use the image file name or a separate log to match each photo to its diner, state, date and time.
Media: Photos must be digital. Submit you pictures on a USB flash drive, CD/DVD, SD memory card or e-mail attachment to me. All media will be returned.
Contact: Roy Jackson (roy.jackson55@aol.com)
Feel free to contact us for more information or general camping advice.


Or mail a check to Jim Sanders