This event starts and ends at the Damn Yankees Rally
Come join the YB's for a day (or the whole weekend) of fun, friendship, riding and music!
All are welcome!
RulesYou will need to take a picture of each location or thing with your digital camera
The Event starts at dawn Saturday morning
Scoring begins at 3pm Saturday and ends 30 minutes before dinner is served. Be back on time!!
Check off sites visited in order on your printout, so that you can show the scorer where you were and tally the points
Mandatory Goal
Visit AJ's Cycle in Gill MA, MAX BMW in Troy NY, Wagners BMW in Worcester, or Franks in Essex VT, OR get up to your knees in water
Bring back at least one $1 scratch lottery ticket from any New England State, New York, or Canadian Province
WinningYou wont need anything but a camera and a motorcycle.
First Place, Second Place and Third Place medals will be awarded for total number of points
You must have paid for a Day Pass or be registered for the Rally to participate
You dont need a GPS, there is some challenge to finding some of the locations, you will need to be clever and observant
You don't need to leave the country to win, the points are set so that there are clusters near each other.
$$Everyone who participates in the MMT will be entered in the scratch ticket raffle, and you could win a zillion dollars
Each participant can score 5 times (5x) on each state. So if you get 5 $1 tickets from 5 states thats 25 scores (25 x 10 points each)
A ticket will be issued when you submit your tickets at scoring time. The scratch tickets will be put in a bucket and raffled off during the awards ceremony.
Scorers will decide if your picture is good. If an item is rejected, be kind to the scorer. We want to be fair
PicturesMust have YOU, -OR- YOUR BIKE, -OR- a piece of paper with your license plate number written on it.
No speeding, no trespassing, no littering, no wheelies, stoppies, burnouts, and both wheels must remain on the ground at all times.
You may work in teams but each score card is per motorcycle
Printouts of these doc's will be at the rally, but its a good idea to print these if you can in case we run out
Locations File
Scavenger Hunt File